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Terrain reset and you

Before reset

Generate new dungeon instances - Build console

  1. Stop the dungeon shard using
  2. Make a copy of the dungeon world folder
    cp -a ~/project_epic/dungeon/Project_Epic-dungeon ~/tmp/Project_Epic-dungeon
  1. Unpack the good copy of the dungeon template. This creates ~/tmp/Project_Epic-template
    cd ~/tmp
    tar xzf ~/dungeon_template-keep-this-12-29-2017.tgz
  1. Run the dungeon generation script. It takes around two hours.
  1. Once it finishes, rename the dungeons-out folder to POST_RESET. Things get added to this folder throughout reset until it becomes the new project_epic folder.
    mv dungeons-out POST_RESET
  1. Remove the no-longer-needed processing directories
    rm -rf ~/tmp/Project_Epic-dungeon ~/tmp/Project_Epic-template

Purging old coreprotect data - In-game on play server

  • Before reset while the servers are up go to each of the dungeon shards and purge coreprotect data older than 30 days.
  • You must do this in-game! There is a note in the documentation about it not working from the console
  • Go to r1plots, region_1, and betaplots and run:
    /co purge t:30d

Compiling and tagging the plugin - Your development system

  • Tag the current version of the plugin and push that tag to github. This lets us go back later and figure out what version of the plugin was used for which terrain reset.
  • You'll need to adapt the 2.14.0 number below for whatever the next version should be.
  • Do this on your development system, there's no plugin code on the build server
  • Also push the newly compiled plugin to the build server so it will be included in terrain reset.
    cd Monumenta-Plugins
    git fetch
    git checkout master
    git merge origin/master
    git tag 2.14.0
    git push origin 2.14.0
    ./ && ./ && ./

Prepping the reset bundle - Build Console

Region 1 and bungee templates

  1. Stop the region_1 server and copy it to the TEMPLATE directory
    mkdir -p ~/tmp/TEMPLATE/region_1
    cp -a ~/project_epic/region_1/Project_Epic-region_1 ~/tmp/TEMPLATE/region_1/
    cp -a ~/project_epic/bungee ~/tmp/TEMPLATE/


  1. Copy purgatory from the build server
    cp -a ~/project_epic/purgatory ~/tmp/POST_RESET/


  1. Extract a known-good copy of the tutorial
    mkdir ~/tmp/POST_RESET/tutorial
    cd ~/tmp/POST_RESET/tutorial
    tar xzf ~/Project_Epic-tutorial.good.jan-12-2018.tgz

Server Config Template

  1. Go make a commit in the server config's data directory
    cd ~/project_epic/server_config/data
    git add .
    git commit -m "Changes for terrain reset on 2018_01_26"
  1. Copy the build server's config
    cp -a ~/project_epic/server_config ~/tmp/POST_RESET/
  1. Update these things in the POST_RESET/server_config/server_config_template:
    vim ~/tmp/POST_RESET/server_config/server_config_template/
    vim ~/tmp/POST_RESET/server_config/server_config_template/spigot.yml
        tab-complete: 9999

Wrap it up and transfer to play server

    cd ~/tmp
    tar czf project_epic_build_template_pre_reset_2018_01_26.tgz POST_RESET TEMPLATE
    scp project_epic_build_template_pre_reset_2018_01_26.tgz 'play:/home/rock/tmp/'

For reset - Play Server Console

Stop the play server

  1. Attach to the bungee console
    mark2 attach -n bungee
  1. Add a 10 minute timer to stop the play server
    ~stop 10m;5m;3m;2m;1m;30s;10s
  1. Once bungee shuts down, stop all the other shards:
    mark2 sendall '~stop'
  1. Make sure all the shards actually stopped (result should be empty)
    mark2 list

Backup the play server before reset

  1. Tarball the whole project_epic folder once everything is stopped as a backup
    cd ~
    tar czf ~/1_ARCHIVE/project_epic_pre_reset_full_backup_2018_01_26.tgz project_epic
  1. Since the dungeon region files are giant and no longer needed, delete them and re-tarball to save space
    cd ~/project_epic
    for x in white orange magenta lightblue yellow r1bonus tutorial purgatory roguelike; do
        rm -r $x/Project_Epic-$x/region
        rm -rf $x/plugins/CoreProtect
    rm -rf purgatory tutorial
  1. Remove the giant spigot jars from the server_config directory
    rm server_config/*.jar
    rm server_config/plugins/*.jar
  1. Re-tarball the project for archival purposes
    cd ~
    tar czf ~/1_ARCHIVE/project_epic_pre_reset_2018_01_26.tgz project_epic
  1. Move the project_epic to ~/tmp where it will be processed for reset
    mv project_epic ~/tmp/PRE_RESET

Updating the tools

TODO MAKE SURE SHIT IS PUSHED cd stash pull submodule update pop

The actual reset

Extract foundation

  1. Change to the tmp directory. You may have to clean it out by moving old junk in that folder someplace (don't delete it, just in case..)
    cd ~/tmp
  1. Unpack the tarball (creates POST_RESET and TEMPLATE folders)
    tar xzf project_epic_build_template_pre_reset_2018_01_26.tgz
    mv project_epic_build_template_pre_reset_2018_01_26.tgz ~/1_ARCHIVE/


  1. Hopefully no new shards have been added. If they have been... you'll have to edit the bungeecord config manually. Otherwise you can probably just copy the bungee folder as-is
    mv ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/bungee ~/tmp/POST_RESET/
  1. Increment the version number in ~/tmp/POST_RESET/bungee/config.yml TODO IMPROVE
    motd: 'Monumenta : Beta 2.1   Version: 1.12.2'

Server config

  1. Update the server's server_version (and daily_version too if reset spans when the daily reset would be). First open the PRE_RESET version to find what the version(s) are, then increment them in the POST_RESET version DON'T SCREW THIS UP
    cat ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/region_1/plugins/Monumenta-Plugins/config.yml
        version: 109
        daily_version: 70
    vim ~/tmp/POST_RESET/server_config/server_config_template/plugins/Monumenta-Plugins/config.yml
        version: 110
        daily_version: 71
  1. Copy the luckperms settings from the beta server
    rm -rf ~/tmp/POST_RESET/server_config/plugins/LuckPerms/yaml-storage
    mv ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/server_config/plugins/LuckPerms/yaml-storage POST_RESET/server_config/plugins/LuckPerms/yaml-storage
  1. Server config template complete - delete the old server_config directory
    rm -rf ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/server_config

Region 1, dungeons, betaplots, r1plots

  1. Modify the terrain reset script to have correct paths:
    vim ~/MCEdit-And-Automation/utility_code/
  1. Run the terrain reset script
  1. Copy the coreprotect databases
    for x in betaplots r1plots region_1; do
        mkdir -p ~/tmp/POST_RESET/$x/plugins/CoreProtect
        mv ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/$x/plugins/CoreProtect/database.db ~/tmp/POST_RESET/$x/plugins/CoreProtect/database.db
        mkdir -p ~/tmp/POST_RESET/$x/plugins/EasyWarp
        mv ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/$x/plugins/EasyWarp/warps.yml ~/tmp/POST_RESET/$x/plugins/EasyWarp/warps.yml

Build shard

  1. Build shard is unaffected by reset
    mv ~/tmp/PRE_RESET/build ~/tmp/POST_RESET/

Whitelist / Opslist / Banlist

  1. Copy the whitelist, opslist, and banlist from the play server. Overwrite if prompted
    for x in betaplots lightblue magenta orange r1bonus r1plots region_1 roguelike tutorial white yellow; do
        cp PRE_RESET/region_1/whitelist.json POST_RESET/$x/
        cp PRE_RESET/region_1/banned-players.json POST_RESET/$x/
        cp PRE_RESET/region_1/ops.json POST_RESET/$x/

Load appropriate configuration for each server

  1. Run the configuration generator on each server shard in play server mode
    $HOME/MCEdit-And-Automation/utility_code/ --play build betaplots lightblue magenta orange purgatory r1bonus r1plots region_1 roguelike tutorial white yellow

Final steps

  1. Make sure there are no broken symbolic links
    find ~/tmp/POST_RESET -xtype l
  1. Rename the reset directory
    mv ~/tmp/POST_RESET ~/tmp/project_epic
  1. Tar the directory as a backup
    cd ~/tmp
    tar czf ~/1_ARCHIVE/project_epic_post_reset_2018_01_26.tgz project_epic
  1. Move the reset folder to the correct location
    mv ~/tmp/project_epic ~/
  1. Remove the temporary directories
    rm -r ~/tmp/PRE_RESET ~/tmp/TEMPLATE
  1. Restart all the shards except bungee. These launch asynchronously, so you have to wait for them to stop spamming the console.
    cd ~/project_epic

    launch_server() (
        cd $x
        mark2 start &
    for x in betaplots build lightblue magenta orange purgatory r1bonus r1plots region_1 roguelike tutorial white yellow
        launch_server $x
  1. Use mark2 attach to verify that each and every server is up and running
  2. Finally, start bungee
    cd bungee
    mark2 start


Starting in ops-only mode

  1. Optionally, you may want to launch the servers so that only operators can join.
  2. The best way to do this currently is to rename the whitelist file on every server and re-start them. It's a horrible pain now that there are so many shards. If the whitelist file is empty, ops can still join.